Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade 

In an effort to get rid of the other half of this watermelon and to also try something new, I ended up blending the watermelon with a handful of strawberries with lemonade as the base liquid. There ended up being a lot more smoothie than I could’ve predicted as the watermelon added a lot of liquid to the smoothie.  I will also argue that this smoothie might not have needed lemonade at all (I know it’s not healthy, but I didn’t want to throw it down the sink ?‍♀️?‍♀️).

I’ll try this again in a few weeks. I’m recommending to add as many strawberries as needed to equal the amount of watermelon for a sweeter smoothie. Despite the lemonade, it turned out to be a very mildly sweet smoothie, which is fine and a better alternative for those of you who prefer things that aren’t so sweet. I’ll also try this with apple juice, which is still my go to when making smoothies.

I’m going to give this combination a thumbs up and can already feel all of the water cleansing my system. Also, totally forgot to mention I used a seedless watermelon. ??  That’s an important detail. There’s no telling how this would’ve worked with a watermelon that had seeds because THAT would’ve been a true hassle as I’m not sure how small the seeds would’ve become during the blending process. I prefer my smoothies… smooth. ?  Let me know what you think of this combo in the comments!


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