Stay Hydrated and Take Your Smoothies To-Go With These Cool Bottles, Pun Intended


I am kind of, really, obsessed with smoothies, and have always been a water-guzzling athletic. You know, when I’m actually being athletic, but, either way, on an average day, I probably ingest half a gallon of water.  Now, there’s also a good way to stay hydrated while protecting the environment. No need for a thousand water bottles every year to go into the trash or recycling bin when you can’t do yourself a favor and add two or three of these very adorable reusable water bottles to your kitchen cabinet.

If you’re a serial smoothie drinker like I am,  it might take you most of the day to get through a smoothie. There’s no need to rush,  just pour the contents of your blender to one of these and drink it throughout the day without a problem. My favorite thing about bottles is that you can take smoothies on the go. Of course, of course, you can use these for water only, but let’s think outside of the bottle.  One of the best things that you can do for a juice or smoothie fast is stay active during the day. Now, commercially, most places only offer to-go cups made out of foam or plastic  that don’t insulate your smoothies for long periods of time. I’m not opposed to drinking a smoothie that is slightly above cold, but I have never heard of a person who drinks hot smoothies. Indeed, I don’t think they would be good for the fruit content anyway.

The open mouth containers are better for the smoothies, while things like the Camelbak are better just for keeping water.  As they have small parts that may be difficult to clean,  getting smoothie got out of them would be a very annoying task. Take it from someone who’s tried it, this is not something that you would want to do on a regular basis. My personal favorite bottles for smoothies are the ones that have chug spouts.  They’re kind of like a wide straw that sits on top of the bottle, but does not sink into the bottle. This makes them easy to clean, and easy to drink smoothies from even if they have seeds or chunky bits. As I often make smoothies that include mangos and other fruit that I do not peel, I have found the Chug about bottles to be the best balance for that.

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Maple Summers

Author. Blogger. Feminist. Pole dancer and musician with an obsession with blenders and squeezing a little bit of healthy into every day.

Stay Hydrated and Take Your Smoothies To-Go With These Cool Bottles, Pun Intended

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